Dreaming Surrealist
4k webGL intro by rimina

Default version
Anti-aliased version


Run instructions and support

* Tested with Chrome and Firefox on Windows environment
* Hides mouse cursor and overflow
* Does not goe automatically to full screen
* Starts immediately (after loading) when launched
* loading however takes a while and the browser can be unresponsive during that time.


To make this demo several tools were used:
Audio track is done using sonant-js live
(Copyright (c) 2008-2009 Jake Taylor, Copyright (c) 2011 Marcus Geelnard )
The sonant-js sound generation routine (modified by me) is also used.

Packing the code is done using:
Google closure compiler, GLSL minifier and JsExe

I want to thank the original authors for providing these tools!

Thanks to Iq for great articles of ray marching and procedural content generation. In this intro I have used the color palette technique as well as the fog.

Also thanks for Mercury for publishing their improvements for sphere tracing performance! :)

And last but not least thanks for all awsome people sharing their knowledge about ray marching in Pouet raymarching toolbox and other related threads.